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CEO’s Message

we at Rashid and Co have earned the trust and respect of our customers for a very simple reason which is that we have great people. They are professionals in their respective fields. They bring a very strong service philosophy to everything they cater towards. They take pride and ownership in the jobs they do. Our sole objective is to ensure our clients mission and objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance at the most reasonable cost. Our methodology ensures that vital services are delivered up on time and on schedule. Rashid and Co’s clients come to us with the confidence that we have the expertise to take service to the next level along with their own potentials

  • We strive to be recognized widely With a reputation of upholding the Standard of Excellence. We envision ourselves to reflect and forward the quality of our work, skills of our employees and their knowledge with our clients.

  • Our mission is to surpass the expectations of our valuable clients so that we become and remain their priority. To achieve this, we require everyone under our banner to work with diligence and excellence in all aspects of our line of work and personal exchanges

We Take Care Of Our Clients

Litigation Services

Through litigation, we endeavor to preserve, protect and defend your constitutional and legal rights which the Constitution, federal and provincial laws of Pakistan guarantee everyone in the country.

Tax Compliance Services

We provide a whole range of tax compliance services aimed at ensuring that our clients remain on the right side of law by fulfilling their obligations timely and accurately under all applicable tax laws of the country.


You can engage our lawyers and attorneys for legal representation in court, tribunal or for ADR proceedings. You can initiate your query by completing your contact details and giving us a brief over view of the facts, by completing our initial free consultation form.

Advisory Services

Taxation affects us all. Notwithstanding the popular appeal of tax simplification, there is nothing simple about tax regime in Pakistan and around the world. Tax Pulse provides clear and creative tax advice to clients for their transactions and tax controversies,

Retainer-ship Services

For the services in the nature of advisory and day-to-day priority consultancy including the time, skill and experience of the principle or, his associates / partners spent in emergent or routine meetings with the Directors or officers of the client company


To get an opinion or research for a legal query you can use this service. Your legal opinion will be prepared within a period of 2-3 working days. Please note that free legal consultation will not create any client and counsel relationship.

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